We hope to establish one or more hospices for the care and PALLIATIVE TREATMENT of those who are terminally ill with cancer, HIV or any other disease which needs care.

 We aim to provide this care to those who are poor, lonely, neglected and dying in pain  and indignity

In surroundings that will be conducive to the comfort and peace of mind of such patients,so that they can be cared for until death.

With facilities that would make it possible for them to live without pain and suffering, and in conditions that would help them face      the end with dignity.

By a focus on the prevention of pain and relief from suffering rather than life prolongation.

 At present we are in a position to provide palliative care for such patients in their own  homes. We have

  A fully qualified doctor on call

  A trained nurse

  Volunteers who will provide additional, periodic support to the patient by visiting him/her etc



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